Native American Elementary School - Native American Grade School - Jones Academy in Oklahoma

Respect. Character. Community.

It’s what the Warrior Spirit is all about.

At Jones Academy, our mission is to empower Native American youth by providing individualized care and development through educational, cultural and spiritual opportunities. We believe that all students should be provided the care, attention, resources, and experiences needed to become successful, independent, and self-directed adults.

By providing life-changing academic experiences, valuable life lessons and a deep connection to cultural identity, Jones Academy is helping Native Youth shape their future. The Warrior Spirit fostered deep within our students burns bright into adulthood, long after our graduates leave our halls.

Our philosophy

Our programs adapt to students and the way they learn best. Together, we develop a desire and respect for life-long learning.

Every student is an individual. Our school provides opportunities for growth by involving students in planning their path to success.

Civic responsibility, economic efficiency, and human relationships are at the core of educational experiences. Our residential programs create cultural identity, creative thinking and independence.

Together, we’re more.

Native American High School and Middle High School - Jones Academy High School and Junior High School

Jones Academy works closely with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the Bureau of Indian Education, and the Oklahoma State Department of Education to create a bright future for our students.