Tomorrow’s opportunities are taking shape today
within every Native American student at Jones Academy.

Jones Academy: A Native American Boarding School

Founded by the Choctaw Nation in 1891, our Native American boarding school empowers youths by providing individualized care and development through educational, cultural and spiritual opportunities. Each student is challenged to be a warrior academically. 

Native American Elementary School - Jones Academy - Hartshorne OK

Elementary School

Learning the way of the Warrior.

Native American High School - Jones Academy - Hartshorne OK

Junior High/High School

Blazing their own trail to adulthood.

Warriors Wanted

Respect. Character. Community.
It’s what being a Jones Academy Warrior is all about.

Our students scored among the highest in recent testing by the Bureau of Indian Education and the Northwest Evaluation Association, ranking 4th in math and 6th in reading out of 147 schools across the nation. Our staff not only provides a life-changing educational experience at our Native American boarding school, but also the cultural and life skills any Warrior needs to succeed.

Native American Boarding School - Jones Academy - Hartshorne OK

Heard in our Halls

“I really want to be a mechanical engineer, and I love that I get to take classes that will help me be one someday.”

– Jason Woods, 8th Grade
Native American Boarding School - Jones Academy - Hartshorne OK

Where Every Student Belongs

Learn about campus life at a Native American boarding school like Jones Academy.

Native American Boarding School - Jones Academy - Hartshorne OK


For over 130 years, Jones Academy has served Choctaw and Native American youth, building a lasting legacy through education.

The Warrior Spirit

Jones Academy provides life-changing academic experiences, valuable life lessons and a deep connection to each student’s cultural identity.